How spontaneous are you?

These words seem to be a regular form of addressing when it comes to people interacting with me in a group. If that group is necessarily created to manufacture ideas or generate action plans, then this seems to come at a faster rate.

And more often while I preen in the glory of these acknowledgements, my mind strays to look at the flip side of this.

In moments of extreme doubts and when narcissist in me decides to pave way for humility, I ask myself.

Am I really that spontaneous?

Imagine an iceberg. And then imagine this iceberg to be a spontaneous person.

The bubbling energy and quick retorts you often find at the tip of their tongue. Is the tip of iceberg.

These people are naturally fast processing machines, agree. But they are always backed up by hours of idle thinking. Combined to this, they optimise their listening time.

I wrote a while back Want me to be a good listener? Talk better.


A really old photo of me writing in college.

Most posts are offshoot of these notes

Most spontaneous people follow this rule to the Tee. They have understood the importance of listening far more than the rest of the world. And they know that the time they spend listening to bullshit will cause far more damage than the good any amount of better listening can compensate here.

Speaking from personal experience, after every few days I need a day off. From rules, regulations, walls and everything normal. Thankfully everyone I know understands this extreme need for space and allow me to gain it to the fullest. No matter how cranky.

In these times I regain my balance by swinging my thoughts to all extremes. Will wonder on political situations, understand why only pigeons visit my balcony and not the crows who sit across in neighbour’s flat. Sit back and remember childhood memories- good bad and ugly. Randomly place calls to people whom I have hardly spoken to. Chat with them like I couldn’t survive a moment without knowing them each day.

And in all these things, think. THINK THINK THINK. Once I realise my tank is filled, return to home-ground of normalcy.

Coming to listening.

Blah. Blah.

More often if there is a dead pan expression on my face I have moved on from your words already. Special hatred towards stupidity. Because I genuinely feel human stupidity has no extent and not plaques but this shall call about apocalypse.

To insulate myself from all forms of such things, I tune off. In rare moments when people gain my attention (and they have told me this), they actually mark the words as highly important. They consider my attention has huge mark of respect to their thoughts.

So again, am I spontaneous? Is anyone spontaneous?

Are geniuses made? or born?

I think to both questions there is no clear answer. Yes they are born with some attributes that give them edge. But maybe these very attributes also inspires them to put in more efforts to sustain.

Did I call myself a genius? Just? 

Truth is. Truth is.

I am Ironman 😀


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