We connected some twenty odd people through the much popular Blogchatter Classes in Mumbai. The session that lasted four hours got us engaging on many ideas and discussions.

One of the ideas that got extensively discussed was, content converses with content.

Today content is no longer a standalone entity. It is finding its promotion agreed but also finding its engagement in someone else’s content. And it is this digital conversation that is bringing people from all walks of life to embrace social and blogging media. Or as the PRs are calling it today- New media! 

What is ‘content converses with content’?


‘Content’ conversing with ‘Content’ at Blogchatter

Today humans being on New media are taking many steps outside their content. They are, besides being ardent content creators in the form of tweets, facebook statuses and of course blogs. Also becoming people who aggressively consume content. And hence shades of influence or sometimes even direct references to other person’s content, is taking shape as an everyday practice.

How does this help a brand?

Amplified engagement and reach. One blog post gains you promotion and a backlink. Two blogposts gain you promotion, backlink and an underlying engagement. More often the community at large through repeated access to similar content, starts to identify a pattern. And as we keep saying so:

Repeat-ability builds a brand.

The question one may ask is, how does content interact with someone else’s content? 

Through social media interactions. By contributing ideas as crowd sourced unit.

Through direct references or offshoots such as inspiration.

Through conflicts where online debates take shape.

Through promotion and engagement of that content as a matter of appreciation.

In all of the above, a central idea (or a brand) is getting discussed and floated around repeatably. Hence this conversations is amplifying the impact of all involved content. 

But if you though the said brand or idea is the only benefit-er in this case, then you could not be more wrong.

The content creators gain access to, more content! More readership through amplified traffic of all interacting content. A brand where you can identify yourself through the engagement you are involved with.

And more importantly, building an idea of hows and whys of your content. Sometimes mere words fall short to explain a stand. In a silos world there is no relative. But with engagement visible to a reader the relate-ability by association and comparison change.

At the end of the workshop we had collected more ideas than perhaps four weeks of continuous content. Another example where through exchange of sound bytes and concepts brainstormed over a central thought, content was being generated.

Content converses with content to create more content.

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