When young Austin Philips says this out loud he can hear the plea in his voice. He can feel the emotional carnage that the next few seconds become while the standing umpire is taking his time. This is not a word in the English dictionary, it is a sound in the game of cricket. An emotion of sports so to say.

But could Austin Philips always serenade to the tunes of these sounds of cricket?

Young Austin is an Indian born Australian national who was detected with a hearing impairment at the tender age of two. But that did not deter him from following his dreams.

Watch this video to find out how a young lad Austin Philips found his dreams of being an international cricketer realised.

During our interaction with Brett Lee he recounted many stories from his journey so far as Global Hearing Ambassador. But the one that caught my attention was that of Austin Philips. Because the story brought a smile to Brett’s face. When I asked him to repeat the name of the boy, he excitedly repeated it a couple of times. Maybe to Brett sounds of cricket was the face of this boy who discovered his life all over again.

But to me the story spoke more. I imagined an Austin walking in his class each day with a hearing aid on his ear. A smile on his face but a doubt in his heart. The one of being seen as someone not perfect. Not complete.

“When we take our children for regular eye check ups then why not for hearing as well?” Roma asked this question to the panel in front.

IMG_0789 (1)

If spectacles are accepted as normal why isn’t a hearing aid? Questions that still haunt me. There is no question of one being lesser than the other here.

Social stigma attached to hearing impairment is also impeding any sense of awareness that can be generated in masses today. Parents of new born infants out of sheer denial have refused basic neo-natal tests for hearing which can arrest and identify impairment at a very early stage.

How can we fight this social stigma is the question I leave you with today. How do you imagine a world where a person wearing spectacles and a person wearing a hearing aid are seen in same light?

All your suggestions in comments will be added to the post with due credit. So feel free and let those ideas flow here!

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