2009. That oh so awesome year when I graduated and hopped onto twitter as my escape out of the recession-hit placement dates.

Since then it has become my safe haven for everything good, bad and ugly. Before I knew it, me and my odd hundred followers were happily tweeting rants, tears of joy and loneliness when yahoo chat sounded a little too passe. 

With time tweets changed, corporate life happened, six long IPL seasons of supporting KKR through thick and thin. And somewhere in between social media became a lot more than just a space to express and connect.

Today when sitting behind a laptop I run a community, earn money and recognition in due process, this world sounds more important than the offline one. My decisions, strategies, future dreams all start and stop with this.

For years I refrained from tweeting my views on religion, politics and feminism. Reason being that these ideas are too strong, controversial and often not important enough to be explained through social media.

But off late spurts (okay long days) of reactions over these subjects can be seen on my timeline. I am giving in to the temptation to take to online while expressing my views. I reacted first. Then I started reading in between lines. Then saw trends. Observed people online, read their blogs. Saw how they toe lines everywhere. Speak in sly tweets and facebook updates.

Appalled could be a small word here.

But again why tweet now what I have done never?

Because social media matters to me enough for me to be myself. If my silence is hurting an idea I own so passionately close to my heart then I shall be vocal. If I am ready to earn money online why shouldn’t I be ready to express my political or religious views there?

Of course if I wasn’t a vocal person on these subjects in general, then it made sense. But I am not. I am the first one to snap in a family discussion if even as much as a mention is made to these ideas. So this cannot be any different. Else personally speaking my ethics ask me to give up social media now. 

And to those who feel that social media and its impact doesn’t matter to anyone. Have a look below. Five out of ten trends are currently paid trends. If it didn’t matter, why would there be people spending money?

Paid trends

Also, being a social media active person I make many decisions based on online presence of a brand. From e-commerce to even otherwise. If a political party doesn’t get their act together for me, my vote shall be affected. 

Last bit – To whomsoever it may concern.

What do you believe? Is social media an important part of your life? 

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