This one cracked me up.

2016 has been one of those years that you speak about in whispers like an estranged alcoholic uncle or much worse a ‘left at altar’ wedding half.

For me personally 2016 has been rather forgettable and also memorable (in equal portions). But most importantly as my friend Jaibala says, “You know it went so bad that 2017 has to be an awesome year for all of us”. 

I would like to share her faith.

Universe has been so unkind to us mere mortals last three hundred and sixty five days that we are deserve a crappy happy 2017 to more than compensate for the 2016 travesty. 

So first let me say it out loud (and in my rather creepy chirpy festival voice that finds new calling) “HAPPY NEW YEAR”

Here I am, sharing my ‘for better 2017’ faith as part of the victim brigade of 2016 humans. Laying claim to following two rather small (and yet monumental when you see their execution) resolutions:

1 Airport Fashion

Wait. No don’t laugh. I have a lifelong history of being the most shabbily dressed traveler in our family. Which has attracted some strange looks from friends and family. But come 2016 and my days of bad fashion choices are over. Welcome Gucci & Gabana (from Sarojini) and out goes my Tantra t-shirts and extremely ill found dreadlocks on a Monday morning (5AM !) flight.

Without much I leave you with my campaign slogan:

If you gotta catch Richa Singh looking good, you gotta FLYYYY


Starting with a road trip look 😀

2  Letting Blogchatter runs its teenage course 

This one albeit tricky, has been on my mind for a while. As a proud mother hen to this little baby, my life is a lot about it and its growing. So much so that even a small stinker on its record and it breaks my heart. I cry like a baby and almost reach a point of no return from that misery state.

And it brought me to think, as to why an idea that has taken its own shape and form, still attracts so much vigilance on my part. Since when has anything gone as per plan for Blogchatter? Ideas happened, same failed some kicked off. Some people arrived, some left. But in the end Blogchatter remained.

So without wasting much time, I leave you with a serious resolution

This 2017 I will let my baby into the big bad world without a mommy in tow. It can fly and drop and run its course with tears, laughters, heartburns and much more. In fact I hope it comes back with a love interest and a hickey to flaunt as well! (Okay I hate hickeys so maybe not that).

To those who need translation, I officially call this baby a growing adult who with some supervision can navigate a world out there who has brickbats and hearts in equal portions.

May this be a memorable year for Blogchatter and all those associated 🙂

That’s all folks.

2017 is our year. The Year of Humans. Go get them, dogs and cats and owls whatever you like. But be happy 🙂

We have suffered enough(a year to be precise). Long live happiness.

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