A couple of quick things before we move on to the actual emotion behind this post.

“Are you the feminist type?” – Also translated as ‘Do you hate men?’

“We need humanism and not feminism”- Just to clarify- Humanism has nothing to do with gender, it means not believing in any kind of super natural forces. Until you do not believe men to be ghosts or worse devils, this word has no meaning in your discussion.

But I understand what they are trying to say- albeit through a rather skewed dictionary sense.

Why feminism when we can battle for equality?

Equality. Equal. Are men and women same? No. Are they equal? That’s like asking if apples and oranges are equal. Can they be understood equally well? Yes that’s what the intent is at large.

For years every Women’s Day without fail a post goes live on my blog. In all its intent my idea is to mark my presence in the belief that we are far from a time when the need for women’s day is absent in our society. I will be the happiest as and when this day arrives.

Women are 48.5% of the general population of India
Women earn 62% of men’s salary for equal work
Women are just 3% of legislative, management, and senior official positions
54% of companies on the Bombay Stock Exchange 100 have no women board directors

But these above stats should not make a difference to you. Because there is almost nothing you can do to bring about any change in these numbers. But what is it that you can do?

You can understand your woman better.

What has been your single most fear?

Come on, you got to bare it all here.

Wait, let me share mine.

That I will not be woman enough.


A very sanskari get up for ‘woman enough’

Yes. It is real. And if you think I am alone in this then go ask your wife, sister or even mother and she might move it in circles but the crux is all same.

Women today have so many roles to play. As my aunt rightly puts, “It was easier in olden days, they had to take care of the kids and home and were sorted. Today we need to own a career, plan our finances, manage our party looks- in addition to kids, home and usuals”.

When you see your woman sitting on the chair gazing out in the open space go and tell her she is beautiful. Because behind all that office mess she is wondering if she losing her charm. Remind her she isn’t.

When you watch her grappling with a harrowing mother in law on phone asking her when will the line of descendants arrive, give her smile. Hold her hand and let her know- she has all the time in the world.

No matter what they say- biological clock is every woman’s worst nightmare.

If she has given up her job to take care of your house and kids, appreciate her each day. Take out time to work out a way when she can plan her comeback. Assist her in preparing for that elusive second innings. Whether it happens or not, your support will be enough for her self-esteem.

This women’s day bring to your life the simple joys of understanding her better. Bring her close to knowing that you care.

Make her believe she is woman enough. In fact more than enough.

It’s International Women’s Week & if you’ve written a post about being a woman or a special lady in your life , link it up here & experience this charm.

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