They say sitting money is worse than having no money.

This saying bit the newly wed us as well. We had collected some cash in our accounts and we decided time was ripe to sow seeds of investment around.

We picked our hard-earned money and placed them in a property ‘recommended’ by a relative. Five years down that day, our money has seen no appreciation as well as none of the fancy stuff promised by the builder.

We attributed it to a bad case of judgement (and luck). And ever since, we have invested in Mutual funds, stocks and deposits but property has been an elusive thing.

Obviously, we are always surrounded by the constant chatter of friends and family – harping about the benefits they have reaped through wise investments when it comes to real estate. But for us, this is one topic that starts off optimistically and almost always ends in the memory of that fateful first property we bought together. Which, by the way is still lying as it is.

The first time I heard about the #TATA99HomesFestival – I instantly went through all those thoughts about investing in property – involving my dreaded first failure. But this one was too good to not be tempted :

99 Homes For
99 Hours With
Upto 99% Funding
Discounts upto 19 Lakhs*

In addition to all of it, the assurance of Tata as a brand and not some relative recommendation. I accept the offer presented a strong case for us to pick up our savings and place them in a good home at Tata Value Homes.
We instantly googled a Tata Value Homes property in and around Pune, we found three:

Inora Park
La Montana
La Montana Phase III

Based on our plans and current budget, we zeroed in on La Montana.

From having best in class amenities, the location of the property was matching our professional needs as well. Situated on-way to Mumbai from Pune, it would be a great place to stay and commute to Mumbai for our frequent meetings.

After finalising on property and the intent, we called our parents – shared all the relevant details and took their opinion as well. Like any other Indian, hearing the word Tata did that job perfectly. The assurance the brand offers was more than enough for them to be convinced as well.

We have registered for #TATA99HomesFestival here, have you?

If not, know all about it and register before itโ€™s too late ๐Ÿ˜‰TATA 99 Homes Festival

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