How did it all begin? Well ever since as a child I have had the women in my house tell me over and over again that I look amazing in a saree. Some would even take me along shopping and make me try stuff they wanted to buy for themselves. Saying they rather see an updated version of that piece to gain a better idea.

It was all too funny to me, personally. I was all very happy with my Shorts and T-shirts at all times.

And then I got married and these compliments flew some more – given the additions in my wardrobe thanks to the change in marital status.

Until I gained weight. And well, a saree hides all of it & how (truth be told).

Suddenly it dawned on me that I definitely looked better in a saree than any other dress. So I decided to shop more of it.

But where to wear!?!? 

Of course. Instagram!

And thus created Indian Edit Look Season One.

What was the Objective of this?

To promote Indian wear in everyday lives.

Detailed plan.

You could be wearing a saree, a suit, a kurta, a jhumka hell even a lungi! All you need to do is click a photo of yourself, put up on social media and add hashtag #IndianEditLook

Success Metric.

No of people who decide to put up a photo with the hashtag. I kept a reasonable number 24.

My profile picture across networks is fruits of this project!

And armed with all this I started off with the project at hand. Project? Did I say project? Yes! I entered this idea as part of Blogchatter Projects – a unique campaign where you can build something larger than you through your online efforts. And see results that are far reaching in all aspects. 

From side of campaign I got tons of social media coverage and exposure. I was also sent to all community members as part of emailers. And at all times I knew Blogchatter had my and my project’s back! Which is phenomenal!!

In my case for example, not only did I break free from my usual routine – I also got a chance to create an idea larger than me. Promoting Indian wear in everyday lives! And boy it was fun and super successful.

Do you also have an idea you want to build further? Something larger than you and me? Say starting an awareness campaign for a disease OR calling for equal rights for all genders OR selling an e-course! Then get going, plan and register your project for Season 2 of Blogchatter Projects!

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