If travel bloggers are to be believed there are a hundred things that you have to have to do in a certain city. And of course a million bucket lists to tick off each year.

This Travel Blogger i.e yours truly believes that there is an Evernote list for each city – but there is always that One Best Experience from each city that you take home and never forget.

And that my friend becomes the memory of a lifetime. So last few years I have travelled a bit – slowly because of this growing Baby called Blogchatter at Home – but nevertheless, taking my small steps to discover new places.

This time let me hence share with you that ONE THING TO DO in Mykonos – as my personal recommendation.

Scorpios Mykonos

Reaching Mykonos: Greece (besides Athens) is not famous for its great public transport so do not expect much on that account. Reaching most places is mainly hailing taxis or pre-paid cabs. For Scorpios too we had to book a cab from our hotel – it took us 50 euros to reach there and approximately 20 minutes of travel time (one way).

Clothes: Scorpios has got a very chill vibe – you find all staff dressed in greek robes and dresses. Tourists though there can be found in beach wear with cover-alls OR tropical dresses with bright vibes. A nice summer dress for women and some shorts-shirt for men would be my ideal recommendation.

Things to do at Scorpios Mykonos: The club offers a multi-level space to people. With each level owning a different ambience and entertainment speak. For example the one right next to the beach has beach beds and umbrellas and one could simply chill with a bottle of beer or a glass of wine – watching the sunset and also accessing your own private sort of beach. Walking on the shore barefoot was my favourite thing to do there

Other levels have club music, indoor seating and of course different levels (i.e heights) of city view. Feel free to spend almost half a day here – from lunch to sunset and soak in each deck’s vibe.

Pricing: Definitely on the higher side. It is not your regular club and most drinks, dishes were an average 2X in pricing when compared say to Little Venice Street in Mykonos Town – but can I say it was worth it? ABSOLUTELY.

Scorpios Mykonos Must Do

An important disclaimer: Tropicana Club is also a popular hunt in Mykonos – please avoid it if you don’t like too much touristy/crowded stuff

Have you been to Mykonos? Do you have more reccos for me? And if you haven’t – are you planning to? Tell me all fellow men and women 😀

P.S – Anytime you can ask me for tips/itinerary assistance for larger Mykonos plans simply by commenting here – happy to help 🙂

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