Dear Blog,

Once upon a time between the two of us, we used to manufacture some of the best Free Writes of the business! Just like Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan – and exactly how they stopped doing movies together, we stopped doing anything – together.

Not even a Koffee for good ol’ times.

But the idea of a world ending gets my goat. It brings to light the fragility of my legacy – will Tweets and Insta stories – that perished faster than my college friendships, be enough for the world to remember me?

So this April, lets. Do. This. FREE WRITE.

For our viewers in English, here’s what a Free Write on our blog usually means : 500 words. No Edit, no backspace. Not even an attempt at logic. Just a free write for the thoughts that be.

From life to love to politics to culture to religion – to whatever the Gods of the internet allow the tabs to be. Free Writes have always been my favourite thing to carry out on this blog.

On some days you might get a glimpse into the genius of my life and on others perhaps the sheer banality of things that get me. Are you prepared for the wide range of emotions that can be here?

If yes, then well – hit comment. Share around and sign up for the April Ride of #BlogchatterA2Z – I promise you will never be the same again after reading those TWENTY SIX πŸ˜€

P.S If you are curious as to what is #BlogchatterA2Z , then go ahead read this. You can also check the hashtag on social media, hit Blogchatter on any of the social media websites for information and yes, yes ask me too!

P.P.S If you have already signed up for the challenge, put in a comment maybe? Or tweet to me – happy to circle back all.
(This one isn’t a free write, its only 323 words (324 now)


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