Is this the crisis of our times? The great epic war we all have to fight. And that too without the most important weapon from our armoury : Maids.

I am sitting on my desk and wondering what exactly is it that I want to write? Because what I really want to write are things so controversial that they will look more like my Facebook Timeline than my blog – and we all know how many friends I lost in that process. Friends come by easy, readers on the other hand? Ha. Rare. So we will try and keep things kosher here – yes an occasional political jibe at the supreme leader.. of North Korea of course, da. What did you think?

But really Coronavirus has exposed our generation and how. We do not know how to slow down. Not if it really has no real meaning or impact in our lives – like if Vipasanna and Mindfulness course are in vogue, sure sign us up – but to slow down because there is literally no other option, tell us how to walk out of this universe please?

Last week as the country went into lockdown, I saw my social media timelines filled with Masterchefs India, Fitness Gurus, Artists like never before! It is almost as if they are trying to prove that despite all things locked down – we are open and productive. Try and slow us down, India.

Who am I fooling? Forget about my friends – I who felt guilted by all the productive sights, signed up for a Spanish Language course and also Blogchatter A2Z – because well, what if I was left behind in this “Lockdown Productivity’ and 21 days later others came out smarter than me. Ha! Like I am going to let that happen to me.

My Dad though on the other hand is completely relaxed, he has decided to take this time to complete his PhD from Whatsapp university in health and nutrition. It has been a great journey to see. From Medanta Hospital’s Head to Kashmiri Pandit’s plight – he has been watching all the videos, listening to every voice note with humbled dedication and not to forget unwavering faith and might.

Insha Allah, his Phd will be granted soon.

Insha Allah? Even typing those words in current scenario felt pretty brave. What did I tell you? We will attempt kosher but every now and then things will slip up. Calm down, do not google news pieces to counter me – we will take this A2Z without any controversy (I am keeping my Twitter tab open for rants, don’t worry)

A Free Write! Yes. That’s what my theme for A2Z will be. Please keep minimum expectations here – I am known to take huge flights of fantasy and freedom with this. There will be times you will question – everything. But rest assured, as our government has taught us well, none of those questions will be answered. HA! Got you. Calm down. Close that google tab and go into the comment space and type “Good Write”

500 words. Now.

Some of the Masterchefs, Fitness Gurus and Artists on my TL

For those new to the place, a free write is something where you write whatever comes to your mind until about 500 words and then you put the pen down. It helps if you have a central theme in mind – it is in all seriousness a great tool to better your overall writing style. All of April you shall be exposed to this nuclear radiation, better strap up the googles.

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