As you can see, I have reached a point where I have practically started free writing my title too. Because I am done. Also I thought we need some logic to our lives. Basically I just wanted to state a logical and coherent fact so that I can remind myself there is still science out there.

You ask why? No reason. Just FED UP MODI FANS SCIENCE felt like.

A very good friend of mine built this theory long time back. In that theory he proposed that God has a wife called Sunita. And Sunita is a very demanding spouse, she wants time and attention and God being God doesn’t have much of it. So what God does is he handpicks a few people on the Earth (case in point him & me – that was how we used to explain a lot of our love stories) and adds twists to their lives. And then hands over the screen to Sunita to enjoy. He basically created a reality show for Sunita to be engaged in. Today I was thinking about this concept and it struck me – God must have married a couple of more times – because he had to turn the entire world into a fucking reality show for his wives to enjoy.

It has literally reached a point where I feel like screaming into the air “Boring bana do yeh raat, BABA JEE“.

Damn. He texted me for a video call. Right now! I am not even making this up! This friend just Whatsapped me for a video chat. And now my whole mood has gone from questioning the universe to getting amazed at the universe. What timing God! Just when I was getting onto your trick you decided to dazzle me.

Where was I? The universe. The World. The Reality Show we are all unwittingly participating in. And you know what is the worst part of all this? Unlike any other reality show, this one has no immunity – Should I say pun intended or you guys going to be intelligent enough to figure this one out. No, please do confirm to me because off late I have really started questioning comprehension powers of every single person around.

I mean just the other day my well read, engineer dad was building a case as to yes spreading medicine from helicopter in Uttar Pradesh WAS FAKE NEWS but that doesn’t mean Yogi jee hasn’t planned it. He is one of those who wants to showcase that there is no smoke without fire, so plan must be in pipeline.

He reminds me of a young sixteen year old me, who believed that kissing a boy when you had your periods could make you pregnant. When my best friends pointed out that this was one of the myths specifically burst in our menstruation class (yeah girls school had these), I replied “There is no smoke without fire. Someone must have got pregnant this way and hence it became folklore”


(Yeah I was that stupid – but then I still managed to kiss a boy while on my period – so also brave. STUPID but Brave like much of the world right now)

I miss this Boy here so much – Twelve hours time difference and miles away in Amreeka – God played us Ayush – for Sunita.

For those new to the place, a free write is something where you write whatever comes to your mind until about 500 words and then you put the pen down. It helps if you have a central theme in mind – it is in all seriousness a great tool to better your overall writing style. All of April you shall be exposed to this nuclear radiation, better strap up the googles.

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