What is forgiveness? No I mean it – what is forgiveness? It is the art of lying flat in front of those you have hurt and pray they let go of that one mistake. But when that mistake is not single and those you have hurt are strangers who read your blog – well you just get back on the schedule.

That’s all you are going to get. Move on with the program please. Chop Chop.

What is up? Have you taken a deep breath (inside your home, free from coronavirus) and decided to clean those utensils *finally* or picked up another fight with a friend over political ideologies? WHAT IS UP. <Please say you got the Whatsapp pun here>

I can tell you that my mood is not up. I am desperately trying to buoy myself out of all the mess and somehow keep afloat with work. It has gotten to a point where I look forward to the work to distract me from the nonsense galore around.

And by nonsense, yes one week later too, I mean whatsapp forwards.

Writing is like therapy that is not exactly clinically proven and cannot be prescribed but it is free and comes with its own judgement value for you to forget about the other “chaar log” in your life. Ask a writer how much pressure they have about quality content and you might start crying with all the pain they experience and express.

This writer too like no other, underwent this crisis of dropping standards and then dropping readers and finally to avoid all this, simply dropped out of A2Z – but what good is a challenge if it cannot push you out of your comfort zone and into the criticism filled readers (in your family).

Moving on. I have been doing that a lot. People frustrate me and then i remind myself they have their own battles of a cranky family and terrible maid blues, just forgive them. We will remind them all, once this is over.

Something that Rahul Gandhi said in his press conference yesterday (which was too good and shouldn’t be missed) “We will say what we have to about Government’s handling after Coronavirus situation is managed. Right now we are united”. And I for one thought that’s a brilliant way to look at annoying people in my life – this fight will continue after a short Corona Break.

I should be advertising. I am so creative.


Honestly? I don’t know if it is 500 words or not. Because my stupid WordPress has stopped showing number of words and I have to copy it onto a Microsoft word to check same. Which I am in no mood to do.

So for all practical purposes assume 500 words are done. Why do you even care, assume it to be a regular whatsapp forward and do not go about fact checking.

It is 500 words. Namaste. Ayurveda is Best.

Also Varanasi is GREAT. (this I mean it)

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