A couple of days back – internet, the mecca of all lockdown challenges – broke a new one. #MeAt20 photo-op. And humans everywhere in an effort to sustain their grand “How perfect my life is right now” , added a season throwback to “how perfect my twenties were”.

And this human was no different from the rest. So I did what could easily be a subtle message and nod to my twenty. I shared a picture from my college farewell. Not many know and hence I will give you some background knowledge as to why this was an act of bravery for me. College was my worst phase, hands down and while there was absolutely nothing I could share from that time to showcase my happiness, the farewell in its silent way denoted the end of that horrible madness.

That picture became my way of telling myself “HA I GOT DONE WITH IT IN MY SUNDAY BEST – THE MOST EXPENSIVE DRESS FROM TANA BANA MUAH SHOP IN GIP MALL NOIDA ” – You take that universe (and please don’t give it back because I am sorry I challenged you here).

It was a terrible time. And I could tell you how bad it really was but trust me words won’t do justice to it. I am just glad I escaped it with a couple of friends and one sister-best friend for life, who honestly now I feel is worth another four years of that shit if universe ever demanded.

But speaking of lockdown challenges, we took one at Blogchatter. Hugging Mother Earth because God alone knows we have harmed it enough. And in true Mother Hulk style, it has grounded us all (AND HOW). So we really need to pacify it down. For results you can check this tweet – and yes if inspiration strikes you, go ahead take this aasan and share results:

What else? Lockdown challenges – both internet and the real kinds have been keeping us busy. From talking on zoom calls to cleaning utensils to experimenting with recipes that can taste horrible but must look good – to counting days. And COUNTING CASES.

My mother, in the zen way that she lived her life, always said “Gita mein kehte hain jis cheez ke peeche jitna bhaago woh utna hi door jaati hai” – (for our viewers in English : The book Gita says that when you run after something with much pace, it runs away from you with an equal fervour).

So I have used her teaching for Coronavirus. I am obsessed about it. I read numbers, graphs, peer reviewed papers, listen to podcasts, research on Covid-19 business impact, consumer behaviour, vaccines – you name it and I am crunching it day & night. Bhai jitna bhaago Karuna ke peeche, utna hi door jayegi na

I think somewhere up there in the heavens my mother is questioning her whole life with me. She might have some questions specific to the time when I was born (also why). {Gah – never, my mother loved me more than any person could love another human being, she might be thinking I grew up with less slaps though – another discussion altogether brother}


Or 400? or 2000? I DON’T KNOW OR CARE. These are only words, if they were India’s Covid-19 numbers – I would have had them on my finger tips. 21472

Okay, bye!

Farewell Bad College Times!
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