I am really laughing while writing it, but as
you know how much we were into Bond movies during school days. Whole day we
used to discuss the movie and then further on imitate the fighting sequences.

Well for us that was not it, my friends and
me (Cheesy mail ids friends rem?) were little different. We never liked Bond
and always wanted to be the KGB agent of each movie who has a cat in his hand
and trying to destroy the world from space from water and of course from earth.
We even used to mimic “we will kill all the Americans” in Russian accent.

Now you would want to know that why KGB?
Why Russian? Okay let me elaborate it a little.
Everytime we saw boys around us approaching
girls and drop in lame pick up lines, the overtly used womanizer scenes of
every Bond movie haunted our minds. And so for me and my friends, who observed
girls to be the alien species, the more natural choice were the focused,
determined, men on mission who never got detracted- the KGB agents.

We together vowed to hate lines like “GUPTA

We only had one vision in our mind, if the
girls wants to talk to us then they have to walk to us, we are not going to beg
on our knees. A clear focused goal for me and my friend. So it was that day and
a day after 9 years we didn’t approach any girl and lived a happy life.

After 9 years my goals changed and I
finally met my girl. I proposed her got married to her last year. I still chat
with my cheesy friends and regret this Mr. No BOND thing. We together discuss
that if we had not adapted the No Bond Yo KGB stand we might have had
girlfriends all these nine years.

So the message is dump this girls being
alien species outlook otherwise you might have to wait for nine years (best
case) for someone to come along.
By the way Abhishek Gupta is still my

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this post has been written by husband dearest who can be contacted on twitter at Vikas_Agarwal18
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