As practice I am copying the last line of the previous post of the story, which in this case was “The End”. And how befitting it seems now. Today 31st July is actually the end of the month long blogging challenge called Ultimate Blogging Challenge. Many things happened in this past one month, many friends I stumbled into, many smiles I smiled, many tears I cried and many laughs I shared in the the comment sections. Overall the experience made me a better person. 
A better person , yes. My common vendetta against some of the “novels” I see on bookshelves is this, they make you a worse person at the end of the read. The basic principle of reading gets defeated.
So I always want to tell people a story which helps them realise something they really didn’t ponder over. Something they were always preached about never made to experience. Why did “To kill a mocking bird” become such a huge classic, because it was probably the first time a white guy saw the futility of his own mindset, felt the pain of his fellow black countrymen. 
Moving on, the lecture can always be converted into a seperate post. Today let the author speak and not the self assigned guru for all. 
How did it begin?
An fb chat:
Me: Corinne how can I take part in this UBC.
Corinne: I have shared a link go read about it, you must really try.
Me: I am scared I won’t be able to.
Corinne: Just write short posts and I am sure you would be able to do.
Why a story?
I suck at writing normal posts (like this!).I cannot discuss things that are close to my life or perhaps don’t fall in the realm of fiction. My imaginary world is far better than my actual reality. Writing 31 unique posts with no story nothing would have made me give up on second day. And so the idea. 
Why this?
Story started with the post Twenty seven is the last age to get married in style and back then I had no idea what I was going to write next. I wanted to write about being twenty seven (which is what I turn this October) and the words flew. Really nothing was planned at this level. After I had written this post, I became Radha. Yes this is a catch in my writing style. I cannot and somehow don’t want to as well, write in third person. So just in case I do write in third person I have my alter ego placed in the story. 
Why the subject of homosexuality?
Being Radha was lonely. I imagined things happening to her, exciting things. And suddenly the thought of having a gal pal entered. When I decided that it should be a lesbian friend, I don’t remember. It fit in somehow. At this time many plots were running in my mind. There was one which involved a lot of shooting and violence, I scrapped that. Then there was the run of the mill twenty seven not married issues. I thought my Radha like me should have issues peculiar to her. And before I knew it the plot was ready. I wrote it quickly in a diary and then as they say rest is history.
How was the experience?
It was a routine. I came home at five thirty. Read blogposts from six to eight. Prepared dinner and was free by nine. Read a book for an hour. By ten I read other blogposts, random ones not UBC. And then exactly at eleven, started to write the post for the day. It was almost as if it went by the clock. Without fail I wrote. I once went for a party came back at twelve and still wrote. Now you may ask me why did I have to do that? I could have slept and written it in morning. All day Radha lived inside me, she thought about her life, she wondered what would happen and even cried tears of joy and pain together. I had to write her story, I had to get her out of my system. Days I tried to sleep without writing I couldn’t sleep. 
Why the end?
Many people mailed me, some texted me some commented here. In office people hounded me at tea asking many questions. They wanted to know why not that? Why not this? Why at all such an end? Some agreed with the end partially, some completely and some rejected it. They all made me very happy inside. I had managed as a storyteller to evoke a certain bond between readers and the characters. They had all imagined these people as their own friends, and imagined a certain end for them. Imagined a happily ever after (there own version of it) for the story. I loved each one of their inputs. I really did. And somewhere I realised that this is my achievement, to make people take the story back home each day. 
Still why the end?
My friend Anshul wrote how this was a Bollywoodish end and he was not happy. Why Sushant? Why at all show a happy end? Yes of course even my very own Apoorva Kapoor also mentioned her slight discomfort at the entry of Sushant. She of course also said, life has so many opportunities one can never know. My Radha like me is slightly bollywoodish, she may bot be courageous but she is bollywoodish. And I wanted a happy end for her. I didn’t want her to be left alone without someone to love. I know what you would say now, if she had to compromise on her love with Sangeeta why not Shikhar? Why not go back to him? Who says if you cannot complete your love story go back to the mistakes you have validated? I am not one of them to support this. I wanted Radha to have a fresh start, after all Sushant was her first love. Why not give it a fairytale touch? And poor Sushant harassed you people so much he deserved to come back to haunt you guys 🙂 
But what happens after the end? Because no end is an end without the romance of a beginning
Radha decides to marry Sushant after all. Arti grows up to be a wonderful lady who is forever sensitized on the issue of homosexuality. One day after she completes her college, she has a candid chat with her mother Radha and suddenly out of nowhere talks about Sangeeta. Arti accepts that all these years back she did something she should not have done and that she is aware how Radha sacrificed her love because of Arti’s apprehensions. Sangeeta and Kavita live a wonderful life. Sangeeta misses Radha off and on and she often mentions it to Kavita who without fail always has a taunt ready for her on this. Anyone interested in the three sisters? Well they all become victims of infidelity from their husbands but eventually forgive them and still remain happily married 🙂
My friend Maggie‘s birthday is today. A great fan of Harry Potter shares her birthday with not only the wonderful boy who lived but also his creator- JK Rowling 🙂 She had a very interesting point of view about what happens after the end. She says that Arti grows up to be a lesbian who finally discovers that all her fears or apprehensions at thirteen about his mother being a lesbian was because she herself felt those emotions inside. Her scared demeanour and frantic behavior was like a reaction to this sudden realisation. I myself found this wonderful as a concept. It makes the plot so interesting and also plausible upto a certain extent.
Thank You!!
But I cannot help but thank all of you, every single one of you who took time to read. Who took pains to come back and still read further. It always made me feel very happy to see your comments. I cannot open blogs in office but the moment comments arrived I quickly checked them on my phone through mail alerts. I love all of you! And I cannot begin to tell I happy I feel that in this huge sea of bloggers I have you people as friends, to love me and my writing. 
Thanks a lot, I wish words could express my gratitude. 
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