Seven seas. Seven sins. Seven days of the week. And now Seven as the theme for first ever Write Tribe Festival of words. 

And for this my theme is going to be- “Seven things about the first person I get to see each morning”. Each day a new person, a new set of seven things and of course more insight into my life 🙂 

Lets set some rules:

1. No person to be repeated even if he/she is the first person to be seen that day.
2. A picture is must
3. If you are just in case featured, do enjoy the limelight
4. Leaving a comment is compulsory (wishful thinking 😀 )

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

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I honestly never expected that it would get so much of attention from bloggers and nonbloggers alike! I am pleasantly surprised. And many have expressed their desire to get featured. They have sent me messages, whatsapps, blog comments and even spoken in plain simple words. 
Where Sugandha said she might take a flight down to Lucknow to meet me for this, Roshni said she is sad she feels sad that she doesn’t live close by (she is in US!) thus losing the opportunity to get featured. Of course Apoorva has very subtly mentioned on one of the blog comments how she wants to be in India now for this. And then on whatsapp too her emotional blackmail has continued 🙂 Anvita wanted to know how could she get herself featured? But then rules are rules, we need (known to me) people who I see the first thing in the morning.
Rules, discipline and also honesty are difficult things to carry. More so when you have a sister, a husband and a great friend, who all are hell bent in turning your life into custom made specimen for themselves. 
For today’s personality I will share a whatsapp screenshot, which I do believe should do wonders to explain what who and especially why?
note the “irritate kyin kar rhi ho” 
The name is not Pali as shown in the image, its Priya Paliwal 🙂 My college roommate for four years! Yeah it takes engineers four years to graduate, we are a bit slow 😐 
Seven things about this wonder woman!
1. *overheard conversation between two college super seniors* “Who do you think is the hottest among all the freshers?” -Girl 1. “Priya Paliwal”- Girl 2. “Really? I mean she looks alright to me”-Girl 1. “Wait till the ragging dress code gets over”- Girl 2. 
And boy was she correct. I sincerely feel one of the smartest and coolest looking gal pal. These two superseniors (who themselves were the best of their lot) then went ahead to become great friends as well to us. 
2. She is a state level table tennis player. A 90 percenter throughout school. And our college first year branch topper. And now an FMS graduate. Yeah yeah all because she was my friend, I tend to have that effect on people #narcissismstrikes. 
3. Back in college I had five tshirts-same print different colours and yeah two jeans. I was the plain jane. She literally forced me into wearing her clothes to look fashionable. I was her TLC makeover project for four years. Again confession time #myfashionguru hands down! 
4.Four of us girls are sitting at night and chatting about life and love (which was same back then). Some of us telling our most heartfelt emotions to each other. Do you want to know what is Priya Paliwal doing? Playing snakes on phone. “Paliwal get off the phone now”- One of us would scream. “yaar I heard everything. Its just that when I am playing snakes, I can concentrate better”-Paliwal. And this is verbatim and a ritual. I often wonder if she was talking and one of us did this, what would happen. I shudder even imagining.
5. Did you see the last line? ‘I shudder even imagining’. Yeah. Anger. Priya Paliwal is incomplete without a mention of it. After a long long time she asks, “Richa, between the two of us who has more anger?”. My reply-” I get more angry but you show more”. Story of our roommate equation. 
6. We were not just roommates, we were flatmates too. We ran a house together. That meant innumerable fights and what not. At the end of third year we decided to part ways. And one day she calls me saying, “Everyone backed out, I don’t want to go back to hostel. What to do?” My pg had been finalised, money transferred as advance. “Chalo, lets move in together. You find flats I will come down and settle on one.” That was the turning point in our friendship I believe. At that moment I knew, no matter what happened we would be there for each other….
7. Did I tell you how I happened to be her roommate? In first year I was living with some seniors who were great friends and then something happened. We fought. I had no choice but to quit the room. And had nowhere to go. Some of my friends had even refused to take me in their rooms. I didn’t feel bad, I understood. But Paliwal who was already sharing her room with two other people took a stand that I will live with her. In fact I don’t believe I even asked her, she just happened to understand my situation..
I have tears in my eyes all of a sudden. I realise how much we have been through. I could write a hundred points and still find some more to write. I want to really thank her for being there. Like almost always. And most importantly for being her, I can never imagine my friendship with her same if she was even an iota changed as a person who she is. 
Picture she shared on whatsapp 😛
And now back to theme! Lets see who is tomorrow! I am hoping somebody cool happens to come by my way. Aren’t you guys interested in knowing more colorful characters? 
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