Seven seas. Seven sins. Seven days of the week. And now Seven as the theme for first ever Write Tribe Festival of words. 

for this my theme is going to be- “Seven things about the first person I
get to see each morning”. Each day a new person, a new set of seven
things and of course more insight into my life 🙂 

Lets set some rules:

1. No person to be repeated even if he/she is the first person to be seen that day.
2. A picture is must
3. If you are just in case featured, do enjoy the limelight
4. Leaving a comment is compulsory (wishful thinking 😀 )

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

 *                                            *                                            *

And who did we see today? Are we not excited? Well today my internet is almost not working. And I have somehow managed to write to this post (Assuming I finish it). But still the story is not internet but who we saw today. Right?
So let’s get things into motion. Its this region around my punch machine which is a hot spot this week. My eyes and ears are open to sense that one person I know who will become my ‘bakra’ for the theme 😀 😀 and well I of course found him.
Abhinav Chaturvedi. Naam toh sunha hi hoga? Agar naam na suna ho toh please gaana sun lena pakka pakka!
Seven things about the man who can make you fall in love with his voice…
1. He is a classically trained singer and so much of the seven things I speak today will be related to his musical side. 
2. The first time I met Abhinav Chaturvedi was when he was sitting on a chassis in assembly line (factory side or shopfloor) and I was inspecting the exhaust of one of the rear engine buses (hahaha I am loving the reaction of my non engg background friends 😛 :P) He was looking very closely at me from behind the wires around the front of the vehicle. 
3. And then within a few hours I happened to get a mail from this guy who had written, “So you are a graduate of 2009 batch? Even we are, us five GETs, no one told us about you. You must be a Research GET then?” And from here on started a long long friendship 🙂
4. Abhinav is invited in parties because he sings out of the world kind. I mean there is one thing singing and there is one thing being Abhinav Chaturvedi. His voice is so melodious there are sometimes hours for which we make him sing and still want more #truestory.
5. Now let’s talk about his other talent. Dancing. He has the weirdest sense of dance ever! And boy once he starts there is no stopping him. Almost everyone will get off the floor once and perhaps take a break but he will not. He will dance until its time for all of us to say “goodnight”. And next morning in office he will be his subtle, normal not so excited best. A perfect case of split personality, that is all what I can conclude.
6. His favourite movie is….. wait for it…. yes wait a bit more…. Vivah 😐  No offence if you guys like it too but then Vivah is definitely the weirdest movie I have seen. And yeah his favourite song is “Mujhe haq hai” :/
7. Abhinav Chaturvedi and I started on some of the worst terms. We had fights, arguments and what not but over the years I have realised that there is something about him that is so genuine that I never felt like not talking to him. And now when the worse part of things 😀 have gotten over I relish the friendship we share 🙂 
I cannot imagine you people reading up on Abhinav and not listening to his singing and so I dug up one of his recordings from icloud just so that you all can enjoy his songs and voice 🙂
Now we are going to of course wait for tomorrow morning. Lets see if we get someone as melodious as Abhinav or as flamboyant as Anant. Only time can tell right? Well but I am excited to know who will it be!!
*                                               *                                       *
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