Seven seas. Seven sins. Seven days of the week. And now Seven as the theme for first ever Write Tribe Festival of words. 

And for this my theme is going to be- “Seven things about the first person I get to see each morning”. Each day a new person, a new set of seven things and of course more insight into my life 🙂 

Lets set some rules:

1. No person to be repeated even if he/she is the first person to be seen that day.
2. A picture is must
3. If you are just in case featured, do enjoy the limelight
4. Leaving a comment is compulsory (wishful thinking 😀 )

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

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Its the penultimate day. I cannot believe tomorrow will be the last day for this. This series has made me realise how much blessed I am. I mean to re-read those posts was such a treat. And surprisingly by design or chance I saw that all the people featured were highly critical to my everyday living.
And so what I was almost left with was a better and bigger post for tonight as well. I would want to say I stumbled onto somebody today morning. Someone I would feature, but there was one name which kept striking me. Which kept making me imagine my life without him. I have told him quite a few times that each time I thought what if I had never met him, I shuddered.
Any guesses? Anyone? Hint: We were often found chatting till the wee hours of the morning about politics, life philosophy and books (not in that order) with almost everyone moved into the next room. I can see the smile on a few, yes it is Parv Kaushik.
I am breaking a rule but this one is making me feel happy (like for all the rules I break :P) . I am featuring one of the closest people in my life. I seriously don’t have to feel bad because all my days start with his morning whatsapp and end with a night one. (Thank god for whatsapp!)
Seven things about the “right” guy (hint is on right, think differently :D) !!
1. He is six foot four in height. And yes he can be called giant and weird for some more reasons. 😀
2. He was Mr. Fresher for his batch in college and I almost lost my life in making that happen. That calls for a very long story, so another time 😛 So by now have you guessed that he was a year junior than me in college? Well, you better have!
3. All his vodafone to vodaforn free local minutes used to be spent talking to me. And yes we never dated each other not even liked in that aspect 🙂 Till date we often find ourselves starting a conversation in a group and post three or four hours we are the only ones left talking. 🙂 🙂
4. Though off late his views have started to sway, but yes he is an out and out feminist. I remember him once talking about atrocities on women depicted in news, he almost got choked in throat while talking. I respect him for almost everything but of course most on this.
5.He is my writing coach. Seriously. His tips on writing are better than his writing also. I don’t know how that is possible but the paradox exists. Also another thing I would like to confess today, I am always thankful to hear him criticise my writing, it makes me realise there is someone who really wants me to push my limits 🙂 and best part is I know he wants me to better and better it, so no hard feelings. This rule applies only to him, others please continue with the lies 😀
6. Unlike all the people I have featured in these days for example Anant was a great whistler & a cricketer, Priya a table tennis player and a scholar, Abhinav a singer and Vikas an IITian 😛 I just realised, Parv is none of it! And I believe that is the secret of our success. We are the average nobodies who always have to work hard to leave a mark. Most of our chats are centered around us making something out of our lives coz we both perhaps feel we are yet to achieve much. And I think that’s what make us friendship so special. We can both act like losers in front of each other and not feel judged. 
7. I want to say it again, if things had been different and I would have been single and even he had been, (we were both never single at the same time, another catch 22 situation :P) I would made sure we don’t fall in love with each other. Because that would mean this friendship to evaporate. I cannot imagine my life without knowing you are a whatsapp away. And off late with your Vishakapatnam networks and months away on ship that too has become elusive. 
Thanks a lot for being my friend, for ensuring I work hard on my writing. For always understanding what I want to say which has become unusually uncanny off late 🙂 I know many things have been left unsaid but then we have those letters and mails we write to each other (which by the way will be published in a book under my name :P). And yeah you needed an email from me, I guess this blogpost should do 🙂 
Friends forever 🙂 Also he wrote a poem for me last year on my birthday, I do believe you should read it to completely understand our bond 🙂 In this caravan of life
Trivia: It was Parv who inducted me into blogging in college 🙂 
Tomorrow should be another morning, another person and yes another seven. Like all the last few days I am excited, but more than that I am also a little sad. I was honestly enjoying this series a lot. And for that I would like to thank Write Tribe and Corinne a lot 🙂 This group has given me a new life when it comes to blogging.
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