Seven seas. Seven sins. Seven days of the week. And now Seven as the theme for first ever Write Tribe Festival of words. 

And for this my theme is going to be- “Seven things about the first person I get to see each morning”. Each day a new person, a new set of seven things and of course more insight into my life 🙂 

Lets set some rules:

1. No person to be repeated even if he/she is the first person to be seen that day.
2. A picture is must
3. If you are just in case featured, do enjoy the limelight
4. Leaving a comment is compulsory (wishful thinking 😀 )

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

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I wondered last night as to how exactly do it. Feature I must this person, that is there. But then everything needs a process even breaking of rules. So I thought to myself, what is the theme? 
Seven things about the first person I get to see each morning
Now see it has many tones to it, a physical presence is seeing, an image is seeing and a video chat is also seeing. Yeah! Technology saved me again! Thanks to whatsapp we had Priya Paliwal visiting us and now again thanks to the wonderful skype we are going to have the very famous Apoorva Kapoor!!
Seven things about the HR who is famous for her employee engagement tactics 🙂
1. First meeting- Scene 1- I am standing outside the induction room talking to one and only Priya Paliwal. The famous Apoorva Kapoor walks in for the lecture on organisational structure, stares at me for a minute or two. No reaction from my side. Then, she stares a bit more and says, “Could you please come inside the room?”  (with a deep scorn). I nod and whisper into the phone, “Isko toh main dekh lungi, badi smart ban rhi hai.” Jokes on me now, all I have done for three years is seen her 😀 😀
2. If you ask anyone around, I mean any person in Tata Motors especially Lucknow premises, they all would in sync reply that if there is someone they consider as a worthy HR professional it is Apoorva Kapoor. Till date she is my closest friend around but I dare not speak to her of some bias or favour. Something I respect a lot about her.
3. You make a plan and she will get super excited. I have innumerable incidents where she has expressed her excitement so much that it has invariably become very hilarious. Example- “We will not tell anyone that we are going to deva sharif after office. People then talk about it”- Apoorva. Rest of us nod and agree to it. We quietly walk out of our departments and start walking towards parking. As soon as we reach there we all exchange solemn expressions and suddenly Apoorva screams, “Hum log deva sharif jaa rahe hain yessss“. Please note seventy percent of the company people were standing there and staring at us. We all started to laugh. Of couse a few of us spoke in feeble voices, “But we were not supposed to say anything.”
4. I am currently reading time traveller’s wife, last book was the color purple and before that book thief. They are all her recommendations. An avid reader, her passion for books does not just stop at reading them but making sure people around her read more and more. And like all things in her life, she is immensely charged about this as well.
5. She has one of the most amazing set of parents one can ever dream of. Her parents will always make you feel so much welcomed and loved. One often wonders whether her warmth and sense of deep friendship is actually a clear reflection of the upbringing. Something which I personally consider as one of my most favourite clicks is of her and her mother..
6. If she reads a lot then she also writes well. If she listens to great music then she sings pretty well too. And if her stories from college make me very jealous, then she is also my best buddy at exchanging gossips 😛 Now now this last point can be summed up by a statement we both use very often for us as a duo- “Narak mein jayenge hum log“. 😀 😀 We both have separate skype sessions, whatsapp chats only to update each other on the happenings around us. Very recently when I was updating her on the Lucknow side of ‘affairs’, she suddenly said, “That’s why I want to return to India, nothing happens in Indonesia. All boring people.” And please don’t laugh she was very serious! Well I am glad I have some great company planned in hell already 😀 
P.S I just got off a thirty minute skype session with her 🙂
7. Like I did for all the rest of the people featured, I imagine my life without her as well. And I get scared. I know in hearts of hearts my life in Tata Motors would not be ten percent as good. I would perhaps have been very disillusioned with life in here. But most importantly I would be still single 😛 😛  Project Richa and Vikas was one of her prime matchmaking initiatives and of course our success has given her impetus for some more (in partnership with me 😀 ). As an HR person she takes the “employee engagement” activities very seriously 😀 😀 By the way we are both currently on a matchmaking process we might need your blessings for that!
I am sitting back and reading the whole thing again, I am still smiling. Can anyone imagine her screaming and shouting with joy about a deva sharif trip? Her madness let me tell you is infectious Her stories invariably have a high and unique fun quotient. If you have nothing to do with a set of friends, please contact her, she will suggest some of the most creative games to play. Don’t worry they have all been tried and tested on us so you can safely play them without caring a damn about your sanity 😀 I don’t have words to describe my love for you, the only regret I have is that you could not attend my wedding… I love you a lot, I hope you never change!
Trivia: Apoorva Kapoor is a part of this Write tribe festival too, she writes as Shiva and her blog is:Where the mind is without fear
Now now the Write Tribe festival comes to an end. Please do hop around tomorrow as well (and thereafter :P) because I will of course write about the wonderful blogging group Write Tribe and that will be a must read post!! Till then good night and happy Sunday to all!!
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