A good things come in small packages. But then no one mentioned that small can be as small as only 140 characters. Right? What can you imagine can be conveyed in just 140 characters? Let me tell you what, in fact let me make it better, let me show you what can be conveyed in only 140 characters πŸ™‚

Yes and so as they say rest is history! I was selected among the top eight ideators for Tata Motors’ Next Tata car contest πŸ™‚
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Day 1

Come 12. 45 pm and I hop onto a flight to Mumbai. And in Mumbai I found a car along with two other contestants. On way to Pune we spoke little except for automobiles. There were discussions on gearshifts, the body styling, service and sales what not. And that set the tone for the next two days perfectly. 
On way we picked up a person from Navi Mumbai who happened to be our corporate communications rep. She wonderfully brought us together, making us discuss things on cars and of course the company. She listened to everyone’s on going rant against everything and became the perfect listener on board. But well the same could not be expected from me, because I had to speak for the motion! I mean so many people had points against,I thought let me be the defense lawyer. And instantly the mood changed. I brought in others also under the cape of good hope πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
We reached Sayaji hotel in Pune by seven. Some went for dinner, some for drinks and rest moved over to meet friends in the city.
We were duly informed that next day would be a very hectic one. With the plant visit in morning there would be the “meet” with Karl Slym in evening πŸ™‚
*                                              *                                            *
Day 2-Pune Plant visit

And now I will let the pictures speak the thousand words I cannot begin to write and express πŸ™‚
Right Outside the Pune Pimpri Plant

A warm welcome by the Pune plant team. Flowers!

Post the welcome, we were shown a 9 min video on Tata Motors

Mr Ram Hudilkar, who seemed like a TATA Motors encylopedia
explaining us the model of the plant πŸ™‚

there was a banner inviting the Next Tata car winners πŸ™‚

And began the journey through the plant

Some of the pictures we could capture πŸ™‚
It was of course not allowed to click pictures for privacy purposes πŸ™‚ 
And soon pretty lady reached the lake area πŸ™‚

That’s me again explaining some tidbit about Tata Motors πŸ˜€
Me the trivia queen all through the trip πŸ™‚

The man who is in the driver’s seat Mr. Patil, was our guide
He explained everything with such detail and clarity but more
importantly with pride. He spoke of the Tatas with such
deep respect. And well I shared his feelings πŸ™‚

Finally the lake house πŸ™‚ 

Its beauty cannot be expressed in words πŸ™‚
A statue of JRD Tata, it is made from money contributed by the
employees and has also been sculpted in house at the plant’s
tool shop πŸ™‚ 
Mission, Vision, Culture and Value of the company πŸ™‚
Newly created by Karl Slym for the company

And soon it was time for us to go to Mumbai for the much
awaited discussion with Karl Slym

The weather was amazing and the discussions in car only
about automobiles πŸ™‚

*                                         *                                    *
Bombay House. It was beautiful. My first visit to that place and trust me it did thrill me to realise that perhaps every single life changing of the group had been stamped in this place. For others is might be a lovely sight for me it was much more.
Another twenty minutes and in he walked. Mr Karl Slym with his swanky gait and his charming smile entered the room and shook hands with all. 
“And hello to you again, Richa,” he spoke smilingly. And I only mustered a weak and feeble hello back. The charm had worked it seemed.
After six minutes of intro, followed by a brief introduction by Karl on the Tata Motors strategies the discussion got open for us to throw up ideas. A lot of things came on that table. And a lot of information was shared by Karl.Recreating the discussion would be cubersome and perhaps boring for my non automobile friends, but the crux was Tata Motors came here with a plan, as the first Indian automobile company and market leader in commercial vehicles, time for a new horizon in cars too. 
We were all presented with a mini nano and a nice photograph click with Karl πŸ™‚
Karl and me πŸ™‚ (I look tired because of a long day!)
The ride back was full of praises for Karl and for Tata Motors. I tried to capture the experience through words but I know I have failed. It was much more awesome than any form of speech or writing can describe…
*                                               *                                       *

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