And *drum rolls* the initiating theme is I travel. For those of you who are late to join in, do read this post to get more details. The short story of the matter is that from now onward this blog will have a weekly theme. Each Monday there will be a post, initiating the flavour of the seven days to come. In coming days there will be more posts, link sharing and also a lot of twitter buzz on the id @richa_singh.

Now that we are starting the theme of travelling, I wonder what I should write and what I shouldn’t. It is because there is so much to say when it comes to this facet of my life. I mean 24 x 7 I am planning some trip. If someone was to pick up my diary (I have too many of them, pick any) they would see lots and lots of plans in it. Too many dates when flights are cheap and too many obscure lands where heaven and hell too might take time to reach.

Moving on. What is it that I will write to initiate this theme, is still left.

I thought and thought. So I decided that I will today of course write why I travel?

As a person I have a why for everything in my life. If I don’t have that I might as well create some to satisfy my own sense of curiosity.

Why I travel?

Because there is this innate need to feel other people and places.

How will I ever know that all those people who say Jammu and Kashmir is about Muslims versus Hindus have obviously not been to Ladakh and seen how Buddhists flood each area there.

Or those who claim that Rajasthan is a backward state have not seen the girls stroll at night and have fun in a small town like Pali without a care of the world?

Or that in Benares when you crib about their small by lanes, the autorickshaw driver gets offended and tells you five ways in which the crammed roads are better than the highways?

And speaking of highways how will you ever find out that yes, Yamuna expressway actually takes only about an hour and a half from Delhi to Agra only if you have survived the bad intra city Delhi traffic in advance.

I mean so many things you only know because you found them yourself. It is like they say growing up is fun and when actually that happened you were left disappointed.

What has travelling taught me?

And without knowing that what I have learnt from something can never complete my whys of anything.

It has taught me to lower down expectations to enjoy life. Yes you heard me right. As a kid I never enjoyed train journeys because I was too excited to reach the destination. The journey felt like a pain I had to suffer.

Do you want to know what happened when I actually reached the destination? I felt disappointed. Yes, if you ask me about any of my college trips or travels I don’t have very fond memories.

And then job happened. Somehow I started to see traveling as a way to escape work. Yes this is a confession which subtly indicated I don’t enjoy work.

Moving on, when I started to see it like that every single moment which ensured I was away from work helped to make my life better. Also I started to tell myself that the trip would be okay not out of the world awesome. And in turn every bit of surprise or fun contributed in becoming an ‘exceeding expectation’ element.

This now holds true for my life too. I wish I could say a hundred percent, but yes I am trying to incorporate it all the time.

And if I don’t connect my writing with traveling (or anything for that matter) this post would be incomplete.

I travel to experience places.I have a story in my head for each one of my travels. The people I met, saw or even thought of in that place are often seen through my characters in various stories. And they all trickle down in my character in varying shades. A woman who is crass or a man who is slightly more caring than his wife have all been a part of my travels at various times.

In coming week, and when the theme will return a lot of my travelogues will surface. Perhaps even odd stories that are there in my head waiting to be spread around. I do hope you all enjoy this and even come forth to be a part of it.

In the end, I would like to know from you, why do you think you travel? 

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