Almost everytime for 100 words on Saturday I write non fiction. This time I had intended to write a short story or a drabble for the prompt. For a change.

But something happened. A piece of news flooded in, someone had died. Not someone I knew very well. But yes someone I wished I could know better.

And in that moment I looked back at the wide space in front on the screen. It has been three hours now. And I am yet to write a word on it.

Fate. Funny she always manages this.

She had the last laugh, again.

I am writing this for 100 words on a Saturday. The prompt was “she had the last laugh”.

                             *                                           *                                               *

And this time again, I am taking part in the thirty day writing challenge UBC. I have completed the challenge successfully twice before. Once in July and another time in October. Both these times I wrote a thirty-part running story and even released them as novellas. You can download them from The Other Side of Human love and The Unsent Life.  You can read the ongoing story on blog starting from here.

This year I will be contributed all my earnings from blog for nanhi kali. An organization supporting the cause of girl child education. You can read more here. You can also help contribute by making your amazon and flipkart purchases through the widgets on the right sidebar. 

Every successful purchase you make through this, I get a commission and I will donate that sum to the organisation.

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