I am  forever in the middle of a book. I was finishing Brave New World by Huxley, when a reading challenge came up. It demanded me that I read one of Murakami’s, I quickly ordered The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. And right before that arrived, I was sent Sirens Spell Danger to read and review.

Now Sirens Spell Danger consists of three short stories, each written by a different author. 

Famous for his humorous posts on his blog “Life is Like This”, Suresh surprised me by coming up with a crime/spy fiction plot for story, ‘Femme Fatale”. As the name suggests, a young man gets honey trapped in a Bangalore bar. The race against time begins when he realises that he is the only one around who can prevent a terrorist bomb attack from taking place.  The plot is banal and the execution is also not so great. The characters are more the everyday movie kind and though the series of incidents make it a pacy read, the flow of the story could have been more evolved. 

The second story is written by Radha Sawana. When a series of high profile rich businessmen get murdered one after the other in a similar manner, a pattern of serial killing gets created. Shardul, the inspector meticulously goes about finding clues and evidences. But what changes the game is not him, but the doctor performing postmortem on the bodies. The events spiral down to a sensational climax which leaves the reader asking for more. The author has researched the plot very well and finer points of story telling have been kept in mind. There is absolutely no stone left unturned in closing loops all through the narration. Bella Donna comes out to be a winner in the set. And yes, this is the first time I read Radha Sawana. She is an author I will now keep track of.

The third story is Bellary, written by Karthik. When a young RAW agent goes looking for a missing CBI inspector, he realises there is more to the story there. And on his way to Bellary he meets two women. Each bringing him closer to the central plot. But which one brings him closer to death, is what the story about. They say eleven people have been killed by the Balla demon in Bellary. A story dismissed by the agent as a hoax. But then is it? Why is there a mystery to the life and times of people in Bellary? And was the CBI agent missing was just a cog in the wheel? The plot is very interesting, the story lines have been woven well. But in certain parts the execution falls short of complete. Overall a good read which could have been improved.

Now will I recommend this book? To my friend Vikram who reads only books written by dead Russian authors,  I would probably not. But to my friend, Ishleen who likes racy plots with a mix of genres in reads,  I would probably send this as a New Year’s gift. 

Overall rating: 3/5

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