It is eight o’clock in the morning my side of life. I was browsing the internet for some inspiration to kick off my writing (which is struggling here and there) when I happened to open my most favourite website: Write Tribe.

Wednesady prompt was on it.

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A scrap metal dealer who bought an ornament from a bric-a-brac market to be melted down for its gold discovered it is a Β£20 million FabergΓ© egg after finding a Telegraph article online. 

He intended to sell it on to a buyer who would melt it down, turning a quick profit of a few hundred pounds. 

Yes this is the prompt. The newspiece as it is. The first thought that came to my mind was environment. How man like the scrap metal dealer has not understood the worth of this ‘Faberge’ egg and trying to melt it down for a few pounds.

And last month I happened to understand one such phenomena very closely as a part of ‘Save our tigers’ campaign by Aircel held in Dudhwa National Park.

Man here too disguised as poachers was selling wildlife for a few pounds of flesh. And it was when after years of believing that tigers are plenty, a census report recording a number of 1411 sent tremors down the country.

I have spoken at length about the awareness program here and here, you may like to read them too.

Are we as humans different from the nature we live in? Are we also not one with nature in the sense of being? When nature through its angrier ways like tsunami and earthquakes retaliates we often forget that the measure it has adopted is a reaction not an action. It was us who had offended its balance first.

Save our tigers has been running in over 33 tiger reserves of India. They have gone beyond the idea of saving tigers. They tell us that to save tigers you must protect nature and environment in all its forms. Right down to the last animal in the food chain and every single leaf left on earth.

One may ask what we or they achieve by doing this? Like the WTI guys tell us that villagers often question.

I believe for balance. We are the other half of nature and it is our duty to maintain this balance that God has created. When I flew down to Goa last year I was looking through the window of my airplane and watching the great seas across the route from Mumbai onward. It looked so serene to watch that there are portions of the earth still untouched by skyscrapers and machines. It felt soothing to the eyes. And I remember thinking, if skyscrapers are meant for better profits and progress why doesn’t it feel so to the heart then?

Perhaps you are still not convinced.Would you like to see this?

Or this?

Photo Credits: Shoeb Saleem

The choice in the end is yours. Will you take the Faberge egg called nature and sell it for a few pounds or perhaps preserve it and put it up in a grand museum for the world to see and relive its beauty?

For more photos click here.
If you need details on the campaign then do visit: Save Our Tigers

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