Been there and done that. After a while ‘hanging out with friends’ or ‘partying on saturday nights’ gets boring. At least that was the case with me.

I knew I enjoyed reading but something or the other would stop me from picking up books again. Writing was highly sidelined. But when the same old tele series and the everyday coffees with friends started to look boring I began to get restless.

Here I wish to add a little something I learnt. Often we don’t feel depressed because our lives didn’t turn out the way we wanted them to be. We feel sad they turned out just as everybody else’s. I know it is a negative thought one that can be extrapolated to jealousy but it is true.

Adding that extra bit which others are not doing can be a great ego booster. Okay substitute it with the word ‘self respect’ if you feel like. But the fact remains, man doesn’t need money to be happy just the thought of having a space of his own in the society can work fine.

Inculcating a hobby or a passion besides the everyday job can add the extra spunk to life. And engagements besides work or academics have a different charm. They are quite often not related to money or average success pointers and always provide happiness or sense of achievement.

What did I do?

Of course I started re-started this blog. I have chronicled the journey at various places and you can read them through my experience with Write Tribe or perhaps read how I achieved an alexa rank of 99,769 (starting at 22 million!) in just ten months.

What do you do besides the usual routine? How do you generally pass the time apart from regular job and household chores? What is your favourite pastime?

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