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If you and your Facebook profile have been overtly exposed to the above articles then you need not Google viral anymore. For those of you (who perhaps only manage to access internet to read my blog) who are not aware, viral means an image, video or piece of information widely circulated on internet.

As a blogger, before starting a new post, in fact even before switching on my laptop I wonder, “To go viral or not?” Of course it is not so easy. Not that only my simple choice can affect this. But the direction of content visibly changes when you plan on posts that can be ‘widely circulated on internet’.

But that has never happened. Not that I am disappointed, slightly amused maybe. Curious yes.

And in the end I realised, my dilemma is what thousands of writers have been undergoing for times immemorial. The dilemma of writing a book or a bestseller.

12 signs you are a writer

Is readable the new popular? Is comprehensible the new good writing?

When I started writing on my blog, no body read. I mean it. No one read. My friends often complained, ‘it is too meandering, why not get to the point earlier?’. Basically convert posts such as ‘Armchair Intellectual‘ to ‘ 12 signs you are becoming a Shobhaaa De’?

And just in case you are a fiction blogger (like me!) god forbid. In fact when I googled blogΒ fiction, Wikipedia page told me “there exists no common recognition in general internet readership for fictional blogs per se at this time.”

So there, if you write fiction you can kiss the dreams of going viral anyways. Of course nightmares of catching the common viral can still exist considering average human infection statistics πŸ˜€

Back to the question we started with, ‘To go viral or not?’

In a nutshell you need to ask yourselves the following five questions to decide this:

1. Will your post offer someone facts and information that may assist them in the real world for even five seconds?

2. Do you plan to write fiction? If the answer is yes I say burn your laptop in the next two minutes.

3. Will your post need people to think? Or worse, brood? Burn your laptop and forget writing viral content for life!Remember laugh and sex sells!

4. Does your post uses words like ‘exposed’ ‘sex’ or ‘violence’ ? If yes then go ahead and put these in loop every three words of a sentence.

5. This is important. Does your post’s title include a number? If this is a no I say go to point number 2, because then your post is surely fiction.

As you can clearly see the title of this post has none of these points. And I don’t believe any post titled ‘To go viral or not?’ can ever provide any fact/information unless you thought it was something to do with medicines.

Facts to be ignored *this post was initially titled. “Five questions you need to ask before writing a viral post – exposed*

P.S when this post was read out to husband dearest, he held a grim expression and shook his head. On prodding further his response was, ‘this post has nothing to the tune of viral. Frustration maybe yes.’

Come on you, yes you. Tell us what is your ‘viral’ factor for writing a ‘viral post’?

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