It has started to sound more like assassination to me. Given the number of dreams, ideas and intentions it takes down with it.

Killing a thought now has a new terminology for human race. Yes no aces for that guess.

If google is your best friend (I know it is mine!) then it tells you very eloquently that this assassin is nothing but:


Notice how it also tells you right below the comeplete meaning : “Your first tip is to avoid procrastination”

You have to agree it is our best friend in all aspects.

Now coming back to topic concerned here.

A few days back I wrote the post managing your personal crisis and in it I suggested ‘wake up fresh’ as the first step to doing so well. Following were the words under it:

There is nothing like a good start to a day. Follow a simple half an hour regime which includes set of mild exercises, a slot of soothing music and yes some healthy breakfast. In these thirty minutes allow yourself to be in a state of wakeful meditation, let thoughts of nothing reside in your heart and mind. An added thing could be to follow a motivational blog/website and pick up few threads to begin with.

I received quite a (good) feedback on the post and it resonated with many readers. So I decided to read it again. Yes narcissism gets in your way on such things 😀

Moving on. Somewhere while reading it I realised that though I myself do get up early each day and attempt to stay positive as much as I can. I do not have a routine as such. So to assist myself and in due course set an example mirroring my words, I decided to create a morning schedule and yes make it public! *shivers*

So here it goes!

I will get up no later than six a.m each day.

I will complete my fourteen surya namaskars without fail.

I will listen to music for fifteen minutes in total peace and enjoy my morning cup of tea.

I will read twenty pages of a book again *without fail*

I will read one post at least from Brainpickings *my favourite site in whole world!*

I will water my plants and my pond.

I will eat a one complete fruit.

I will leave for work on time. Ummm I will leave for work. I will leave home on time.

Now as much as it looks like a daunting task, I believe I am geared up for it. And I am also hoping that you will be as much a part of this journey as myself and provide me support, motivation, fruits, books and encouragement every now and then to help achieve these goals!


A little bit of pretty me to help motivate you into motivating me *talks in circles and bats eyelashes*

In addition we had a fun filled #blogchatter session tonight and it took crazy to next level! We discussed “What blogging challenges you face?” and it got a few of us taking up blogging resolutions. Yours truly included. More on that soon!

I leave you with one thought tonight (mentioned earlier in this post):

Behind every successful man is a well managed personal crisis.

Until next time, sayonara!

Wait, wait… do you have a morning schedule? Share some of your morning habits (the ones that can be shared 😀 )!

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