When they say some things are too good to be true, they obviously weren’t talking about TATA Value Homes’ ‘Offer of The Century’. After an overwhelming response to their 99 Hours sale, good people from Tata Value Homes have decided to re-open India’s first Real estate flash sale for a good 24 Hours From 11th November 4 PM to 12th November 4 PM

The offer remains same offering 99% funding with discounts up to 19 Lakhs.

Affordable housing has been a much talked about subject in our society off late. With rising rents and increasing pressures of various kinds, getting a home as soon as it’s possible – holds a lot more importance that it did probably a decade back.

The sooner one gets a home of their own, the lesser rent goes out of their pockets – hence MORE SAVINGS !

But affordable housing sees its own drawbacks – shoddy facilities, shady builders and not to forget poor quality. In this mix, when a brand name like TATA decides to lend voice – we can be rest assured the problem gets duly solved.

Hence their #OfferOfTheCentury was almost like a celebration of empowerment all around. Because it made a dream home sound so much more possible and real suddenly! 

Personally too, I have had a bad experience when it comes to real estate investment. I have spoken about it here as well – how my first property bought through my hard earned money has not seen any appreciation and lacks of promises that the builder assured. 

With TATA, a lot of my issues got resolved, we even took affirmative steps to check one of their properties in Pune and consolidate some of our ideas around making the next move. Because putting down a huge chunk of my savings for a property today requires a lot of courage on my part. But I agree that the brand name attached as well as the charm of placing only about 1% of total value – pushes me further.

To those of you who have been lurking on the side, here – the sale is back again for twenty four hours and you can discover your dream home through it. Go and book one for yourself, details more here: Tata Value Homes

Remember the offer opens from 11th November, 4 pm and ends on 12th November 4 pm – so hurry before it’s too late!

Get ready to own your dream home today with the #OfferOfTheCentury


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