This guest blog is written by fellow Bookworm and also a dear friend now. In his own words, ” Anshul is either underwater or on the mountains. If not, then he is found in the company of friends and books” 

And honestly I could not have summed it better, the words suit him perfectly 🙂

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Once upon a time there was a boy in a
foster home. A boy with no one to understand him, with powers he struggled to
comprehend and even then he dreamt. And dreamt big he did. Upon being told that
he was a wizard, and being admitted to the best wizarding school of its time,
Hogwarts; he did everything possible to make the best possible of the learning
and association with professors he got. After school he started having his own
loyal following and soon he was onto the path of becoming the greatest wizard ever.
What is wrong in chasing such a dream? And when you have big dreams there are
those who cannot stand it, who term you ‘evil’, ’dark’, ‘distorted’ and ‘devil’
himself. No one has reached heights without making a few enemies. It was not
his mistake, but his enemies’. Survival of the fittest is the way of the world,
the stronger devour the weak. So when he killed the Potters and tried to kill
their baby to ensure there are no comebacks, and mysteriously died due to some
motherly-protective-charm, he was not doing anything wrong.

Years later when the boy, the one who lived
returned back to Hogwarts and tried foiling his plan to return back from the
dead, do you remember what Voldemort did? He offered his friendship, a chance
to stand by with the greatest wizard and revel in the boundless possibilities
he was offering. But no, Harry, the boy who lived turned out to be a true
‘Potter’ and denied Voldemort’s generous offer. Many other times too Voldemort
extended his hand in friendship, only to realize that Harry wanted to cut that
same hand.

Having an adversary is a problem, but being
bested by a boy who still goes to school is something no adult wizard can
stand, let alone the greatest wizard of all times. So to have him killed was
the only option Voldemort had. When you see it from his point of view, standing
in his shoes, Voldemort wasn’t doing anything wrong. While Harry had everything
set for him, a glory to revel in and a bunch of friends who would die for him, Voldemort
had followers who had lost faith in him, would not show their face or stand up
to their task. If you ask me, Voldemort’s struggle was always greater. Without
him there would be no Harry. To call Voldemort an ‘evil’ and then shun him only
shows the narrow-mindedness of the wizards of his time, and the readers who
read his story. History favors the victors, and blames the defeated.

His story is no different than other
greatvillains, say for example Darth Vader. 
He too offered his son to join him and rule the galaxy together with
him. He too was left alone and down-played by his closest friends. Everyone
acknowledges that Star Wars is the story of Darth Vader, but no one accepts
that the greater character in Harry potter series is Voldemort, not Harry.
Harry is just a hero who rises to defeat him. And then it is not true defeat,
for evil never dies. One who cherishes dream of being the greatest can never
dismayed by death and will never be. Just like there can be no Lord of the
Ringsor Middle Earth without Sauron the Dark Lord, the universe of wizardary
that JK Rowling created cannot be there without Voldemort. If ever she decides
to writer another Harry Potter book, she would have to resurrect Voldemort too.
For he is the true protagonist, and Harry just an adversary. Maybe she would
write a story far into the future when someone else would rise
up to fight Voldemort, again. 

This is written for Harry Potter Festival 

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