I cannot believe I survived it. Yes! I am an A to Z Challenge winner or as they would like to say survivor 😀

Anything and everything that could go wrong this time, did. I of course moved to Pune but that was part of my plan. What wasn’t part of my plan was, zero network on phone and laptop.

Harrowed and harried literally 😀 Resisting change despite it being the obvious. Feeling very lonely. 

Thought the idea was to get settled or a step towards it, on the contrary felt highly unsettled.

Due to the ever elusive peace of mind, state of affairs became permanently peeved. And since the change was pretty much the offshoot of job hence yes many a times started to wonder if the job had finally started to own me.

In my quest to ask a lot of questions I ruffled quite a bit feathers too. And learnt it well that making mistakes, or lots of them was not the ideal way to introduce yourself to a new world 😀

And in this depressed and over the top sad state of mind, facebook time line threw an ex-suitor’s update on new girlfriend, lets just say not the ideal time to read that.

And the irony is that I was so looking forward to this move! It was the exact future I had planned. But the turn of events made it look more like the end of good times.

Needless to say many restless moments converted themselves into self-blame, and before anything else own follies started to come to light.

But one always has to move past words like buts.

And this entire ordeal taught me quite a few things (more on that later!) the primary being, truly

Chasing a dream partner is (not) better than living with one  If it wasn’t for his constant cool and support, I wonder if I had not already packed and left.

So in a very ‘Karma is a bitch’ kind of a moment, life doled out to me what I wrote to avoid. The perfect state of being a ‘Mid Twenty!’

Well now who the hell is scared? Thirty? Bring it on!

Thank you all for being around, honestly I cannot begin to say how much I owe to you people 🙂

Until next time (or next day) Sayonara!

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